The Structured Weighted Violations MIRA

Published in Arxiv, 2020

Recommended citation: "The Structured Weighted Violations MIRA." Dor Ringel, Rotem Dror and Roi Reichart. arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.04418 (2020).

Abstract We present the Structured Weighted Violation MIRA (SWVM), a new structured prediction algorithm that is based on an hybridization between MIRA (Crammer and Singer, 2003) and the structured weighted violations perceptron (SWVP) (Dror and Reichart, 2016). We demonstrate that the concepts developed in (Dror and Reichart, 2016) combined with a powerful structured prediction algorithm can improve performance on sequence labeling tasks. In experiments with syntactic chunking and named entity recognition (NER), the new algorithm substantially outperforms the original MIRA as well as the original structured perceptron and SWVP.